All Dressed Up…

…We left the hotel early Tuesday morning to make our way to the train station for today’s journey to Belfast. I was excited to have my first train experience and also relieved that I didn’t have to drive backwards anymore. Not that I didn’t enjoy driving to some of the spots we stayed at, but trading the suv for a train sounded like a good idea!

The entire trip to Belfast took 6 hours which included a 1 hour layover in Dublin to switch trains. Once in Belfast, we grabbed a taxi for the short ride to our hotel – The Fitzwilliam Hotel. This is a very modern hotel with beautiful rooms with all of the amenities! Perfect for our last 3 nights in Ireland. As it was late afternoon when we arrived and we were tired, we just went to the hotel bar to grab dinner and have a drink, which was a Guinness! After dinner we just went to our room as we had one of our biggest days on Wednesday.

Wednesday morning we got up early and had breakfast and then returned to our room to get dressed up in warm hiking clothes as today we had a day long bus tour to the Giants Causeway that includes a 3-4 hour hike in the middle. Even though I’m not a hiker (my wife would call me an anti-hiker), I was looking forward to this activity. We got to the tour center 15 minutes early, as instructed, and found out we are booked to go Thursday, instead of Wednesday, as the hikes don’t go on Wednesdays. What we had forgot was that we changed from the regular tour to the one with the hike just a couple of weeks before, and didn’t update our paperwork. So, there we were – all dressed up, nowhere to go!

Luckily for us, the hotel was right across the street so we ventured back and peeled off the layering of clothes that went on only 30 minutes ago. We had planned that Thursday would be our “nothing planned” day which now would be today so we figured out where we wanted to go a walk and The Big Fish (Salmon of knowledge)

was the target. After the fish, we stopped at Belfast City Hall

for a tour. The building is beautiful and I loved seeing the inner workings of their system, and I even got to sit in the Lord Mayors chair.

After City Hall, we stopped for a drink at The Crown Whiskey Saloon,

then went back to the hotel for a bit of a rest. We had dinner reservations at Mourne Seafood Bar at 5 o’clock so around 3, we left the hotel to go see some sights in the area of our restaurant. One place we stopped at was St Anne’s Cathedral

and then went back out to the pier, where The Big Fish is, to hang out there for a bit until our dinner reservation.

After dinner, we were walking back to the hotel, which is right beside the Belfast Grand Opera House.

The had a huge poster for the play Saturday Night Fever, the John Travolta movie from the seventies. It was playing tonight at 7:30, so we decided to have a date night! It was one of the best decisions we have made on this trip as we spent the next 3 hours grooving with the actors and Bee Gees!

The first 2 days in Belfast were fun and exciting even though we messed up in our tour days. Wednesday we still managed 13,000 steps which was almost 10 km.

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