Month: February 2017

Reflections at 37, 000 feet

Don’t worry, I’m not driving and posting.  I’m letting the cool guys who fly planes for a living do the driving, cause I still have momentary flashbacks to the last time I tried landing a plane “PULL UP, MORE, PULL UP”.  That guy should… Continue Reading “Reflections at 37, 000 feet”

The Last Day – Relaxing, Tubing, Cheating Death

Maybe cheating death is a little dramatic, but I have a little bit of drama queen in me, so the title in my opinion is appropriate.  One of the activities at this resort is tubing down a river in an individual tube over some… Continue Reading “The Last Day – Relaxing, Tubing, Cheating Death”

Rio Perdido…Hot Springs, Cold Cerveza

I don’t drink beer but Cerveza in the title sounded more masculine than Pina Colada.  We travelled to our last Resort – Rio Perdido – yesterday, which took us about 4 hours with a couple of stops in Liberia, one to pick up some… Continue Reading “Rio Perdido…Hot Springs, Cold Cerveza”