Rio Perdido…Hot Springs, Cold Cerveza

I don’t drink beer but Cerveza in the title sounded more masculine than Pina Colada.  We travelled to our last Resort – Rio Perdido – yesterday, which took us about 4 hours with a couple of stops in Liberia, one to pick up some snacks, the other to have lunch at the #1 Trip Advisor lunch spot in Liberia.  We had a great lunch and will rate it very high when we do our review, so I’m pretty sure it won’t lose its ranking.

Our Resort this time has 20 individual cabinas located in a dwarf forest.  Each cabina has huge windows and a deck, complete with hammocks, that overlooks the forest.  The resort also contains a hot springs river and 3 different natural pools.  It is a bit of a hike down a natural stone path but looks like it would be refreshing. (Whether we decide to test the refreshing part remains to be seen.  Michele got me to hike down there once just to check it out. Now that I know what’s involved, it’ll be harder to convince me).  There are also 3 different pools at the main building of varying degrees of cool/warmness.

There is also approximately 16 km of hiking trails and other activities such as zip lining and tubing on a river.  So Michele will probably enjoy the challenge of some of the hiking trails, I imagine I will take the less strenuous route of floating on a tube in the river!

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