Month: January 2018

Mary, The Big Boy, and Burgers…

Today was our last full day in the Quepos area so we decided to hit the beach.  The beach we were going to is right near the entrance to Manuel Antonio Park so our host Paula gave us the rundown on what we were… Continue Reading “Mary, The Big Boy, and Burgers…”

Whitewater, Sunshine, and Koky’s…

This morning, Jordan and I were picked up at 8 am for our whitewater rafting tour.  The owner of the company was Tim, as we found out, a great guy originally from North Carolina but now a Tico.  With him were our 2 guides… Continue Reading “Whitewater, Sunshine, and Koky’s…”

Finally, Hot and Wet

We left Monteverde with a cool light rain falling and 3 hours later had the air conditioning blasting and couldn’t wait to jump in the pool at our new hotel – Jungle Creek Villas near Quepos, pretty much right on the ocean.  These villas… Continue Reading “Finally, Hot and Wet”

Cloud Forest…More Like Rain Forest

I’m going to say something I would never say in front of Michele – and I know she doesn’t read any of my drivel, so I’m safe – but here it goes, my wife was right!  Now before the internet explodes, she’s right about… Continue Reading “Cloud Forest…More Like Rain Forest”

Costa Rica….Again

It’s just under 24 hours ago that we left to come back to our, feels like, second home.  And other than a 2 hour nap this afternoon, I have been up since 6 am yesterday morning.  Our flight was a red-eye that left at… Continue Reading “Costa Rica….Again”