Goodbye to…

…Friday was our travel day from Belfast back to London to then travel home to Camrose, via Edmonton, on Saturday. Our flight was at 1 pm, so we had breakfast at the hotel, packed up, and called an Uber around 10:30 for the half hour trip to the airport. Surprisingly, Belfast Airport isn’t super big and we got there early enough that we flew through check-in and security. Then we sat and waited for our EasyJet flight to London, which was uneventful. We boarded the plane and were in the very last row (26) and they were just about to close the doors when an incident happened. I have been told that I am not allowed to write about it in my blog but for a G&T, I’ll tell the story to anyone!!!!

Once we got under way, it was a quick 1 hour flight and, as we were staying right at the airport on Friday night, we were in our room an hour after landing. It was late afternoon, so we went for an early dinner and then scoped out where we needed to go on Saturday for our flight home. After resting for a bit of the evening, we went down to the lounge for our last night cap and dessert. I discovered a new gin that is rhubarb and ginger flavored which is very smooth. I put it on my list to look for at duty free.

Saturday morning, we again had breakfast at the hotel as our flight was a little after 1 pm. As we were already at the airport, we went back to the room and relaxed for a couple of hours before making our way to the terminal. There were no incidents not to talk about and right now we are half way home.

My thoughts on this trip – once again my wife put together the perfect trip. We had one bad hotel, but it was only for one night, but the rest were excellent. What was my favorite place – Killarney without a doubt. My favorite activity – it’s a tie between the Changing of the Guards and the Falconry tour. The hike at the Giants Causeway was a close third but don’t tell Michele or she’ll make me do more!!!

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