Rain Brings Shopping…

…We arrived in Galway Sunday afternoon and checked into the Forster Court hotel. This was a much better pick than the one we had a day ago, being both modern and right downtown. The main drag was a cute little street that had a number of shops and a group of restaurants at one end.

After we checked in, we went to look for the train station so we knew where we were going come Tuesday morning, when we would be traveling to Belfast. As it turned out, it was one block from the hotel which will make it very convenient! Next we went for a stroll up the street with all of the shops, stopping in the Skechers store to try and feed my other addiction – shoes! (I already bought one pair of Skechers on this trip). Without buying a pair of shoes, we next went down to the end of the street to find a place to eat. We settled on a small little restaurant – Quay Street Kitchen that had very good food. After dinner we sauntered back to our hotel pub for my other addiction – a G&T – but I added an ice cream sundae to hide the booze!

Monday morning we ate breakfast and then took the rental car back to the drop off, as we didn’t need it anymore. The walk back to the hotel was a cool 20 minutes but was no problem now that I’m a regular stepper! Once back at the hotel, it started to rain (and the forecast said it would be an all day rain) so instead of eexploring we decided to go shopping. Just off the main drag there was a mall that had a department store called Dunnes. I would consider them the JC Penny of Galway. They had so many nice clothes for so cheap that we knew we would be there awhile. This summer I redid my wardrobe of t-shirts and shorts at JC Penny without paying more than $9 for a shirt and $14 for a pair of shorts. At Dunnes, I updated my fall/spring outerwear (2 hoodies, vest, jacket) for less than $100 CAD. Michele did very well also and we ended up with 2 large paper bags of clothes. Now remember, paper bags and it’s raining, pretty steady now. By the time we got back to the hotel (5 minute walk) we had 2 armfuls of clothes and no bags!!

We (me) decided to go to the hotel bar for a drink to wait out the rain. Because my wife was concerned about my gin intake, I switched it up with a Guinness,

which ended up tasting like another, so we also ordered fries to make it look better. After the beer and a short nap, the rain had lightened enough for us to go shoe shopping. We both made a gallant effort at trying to find shoes, Michele was the only one to buy a pair. Once we were done shopping, we headed to a restaurant recommended to us for their seafood – The Seafood Bar on Kirwin – and it turned out to be a great recommendation! Michele had salmon and even I had fish, black sole on bone. Excellent!!

After dinner, we had dessert and a nightcap at the bar and packed up for our trip to Belfast, by train, in the morning. Saturday and Sunday were low days for steps, 7300 & 8100 respectively, but. The shopping day brought almost 15,000 steps so it ended up being a nice average. For the 10 days so far, we have walked almost 90 km.

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