Fire Alarms, Mad Michele, and Galway…

…What has happened since our last day in Killarney. Not a whole lot but as the title states, something happened.

We left Killarney on Saturday morning after spending 3 great days there and headed to Kilkee, which is along the scenic route to Galway. We didn’t know much about Kilkee other than people telking us the area was beautiful and it was close to the Cliffs of Moher. We booked a room at the Kilkee Bay Hotel and arrived just after noon. It had rained all the way there, and I mean it rained 20 out of every 20 minutes, and it didn’t look like it was going to let up so we weren’t going to do any exploring. From the outside, the hotel looked modern but once you got into the room, the worn stained carpet and old spring beds told another story, and not one of those happy ones! We told ourselves, it was only for one night! After we checked in, we walked down the main drag and stopped in at a spa to book a massage for me and a seaweed bath for Michele. As we had a couple of hours, we went for lunch (which was good) and returned to our spa date. My massage was good but the amount of oil she left on my body could have created a small climate emergency in itself! Michele’s seaweed bath felt just like you would imagine floating in a tub of seaweed would feel! We thought, oh well, it’s only one night!

Then we went back to the hotel, rested for a bit and went to the hotel bar for supper. After sitting there watching the wait staff (about 4 of them) avoid eye contact for 10 minutes, I got up and got my own menu. The a waitress appeared 2 seconds later to ask if we were ready to order!! I wanted to be an authentic Irishman and tell her to Feck Off, but I just let it go and ordered. The roast beef dinner was tougher than Chuck Norris but we thought, it was only one night!

We went to bed with the thought that we’ll wake up and do a beautiful drive on the Loop Head trail, head to the Cliffs of Moher, the be in Galway for dinner. Simple thinking as it was only one night. The first fire alarm went off around 2 am. When I say the first one, well there was no less than 5 feking alarms between 2 and 4:30 am, each of them ringing out just as one fell asleep from the previous one. The one thing I have learned in 13 years with Michele is, you don’t disturb her sleep. Not even once let alone 5 times. After the second alarm, I just pretended I was asleep because to acknowledge her would have been like poking a wounded bear. You just don’t!!!

Around 8 am, we awoke and similar to the wait staff the night before, I didnt make eye contact. I supported my wife in every rant she had because, well, I’m not a feking ijiot!! We took our bags to the car and then returned to the front desk. My wife explained our unhappiness at the events of the previous night and she was told “yeah sorry, someone was smoking in their room and kept setting the alarm off”. My wife explained how she didnt think we shouold have to pay the full nights rate ( I pretended I was reading the paper) and got back the reply that the manager would contact us regarding any refund for the night. Mad Michele is not rude, but she illustrates her point beautifully! I just do as I’m told!!! (As a side note – 2 days later we have not heard from the manager. That is Kilkee Bay Hotel!!)

We left Kilkee and travelled along the Loop Head Trail that takes you out to the a lighthouse on the edge of a peninsula and back. The views of the cliffs and the fresh morning wind were both breathtaking!

After the trail, we headed for the Cliffs of Moher, which everyone told us was a must see. We bought tickets on a ferry that took you out to see the cliffs from the water. It was very windy and the water was rough, so I don’t know if that played a part, but it wasn’t as spectacular as we had hoped!

Maybe we were just tired, but we continued on the scenic route to Galay and arrived at around 3 pm. Tomorrow will hopefully be a better day as its only 2 nights!!

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