Dangling at Dingle…

…Friday morning started with a half steady rain in Killarney. The thing we’ve found out about the weather here is that it can rain 15 out of 20 minutes but seldom is it more than 2 minutes at a time and seldom very hard. Which means you need to wear your rain jacket all the time but only actually need it part of the time. Our mission for Friday was to drive to the Dingle Peninsula which coincidentally is right near the town of Dingle. A lot of Star Wars fans will know the area cause something was filmed there, I just recently heard of it due to my, seemingly Gin addiction. The Dingle Gin and Whiskey distillery is located, yes, in Dingle. The drive to the peninsula was a little over an hour and our favorite hotel girl, Kelly, suggested a route that would take us over one of the scenic passes – Connors Pass, which is the highest pass in Ireland. The pass, compared to BC passes at home wasn’t too tricky but the views were amazing!

Once we got on the Slea Head Drive (this is the clockwise route around the peninsula), there were numerous pull outs to stop and take in the views, all of them absolutely stunning.

At the southern most tip of the peninsula, there was a stopping point for the Star Wars location and a beach. Lots of people were going to the Star Wars thing but seeing as I’ve never seen a Star Wars movie, we went down to the beach – Coumeenole Beach to be exact!

The rest of the drive was just looping back to Dingle, where we had lunch at The Boatyard, that included a Dingle G&T, and then went and bought 2 bottles of Gin to bring back home.

The drive back to Killarney was uneventful and once back at the hotel, we had a quick nap and then headed back onto the main drag to finish some shopping, have a drink, and grab some dinner. For the drink, we stopped at another small traditional Irish pub – Courteney’s – that was recommended to us and sat up at the bar, which I have been waiting to do. Usually the regulars have all of the seats at the bar occupied but not this time. For dinner, we went to The Flesk, where I had an incredible chicken cordon blue and Michele finally had an excellent seafood chowder. After a sticky toffee pudding for dessert, we headded back to the hotel to pack up as Saturday we were moving onto Kilkee to see the Cliffs of Moher on Sunday!

I ended the day with 9,947 steps so I pranced around the hotel room for 53 steps to hit 10,000, which equated to 7.25 km. At this rate, it is possible that we will hit 100 km walking over our 2 weeks.

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