Cloud Forest…More Like Rain Forest

I’m going to say something I would never say in front of Michele – and I know she doesn’t read any of my drivel, so I’m safe – but here it goes, my wife was right!  Now before the internet explodes, she’s right about a lot of things, I just would never tell her.

While we were packing for this trip, I was complaining about a lack of a pool at our hotel in Monteverde and she told me that it was going to be cooler than what I expect and should pack a jacket.  Yeah, ok, pack a jacket to go to Costa Rica. Well this morning we got up nice and early (5:30), had a nice breakfast and then met our guide, Adrian, to head to Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve for a nice pleasant nature walk.  As we assembled in the parking lot, it was a little on the cool side and a light rain/mist falling.  I looked around at all of the other people who were wearing coats and various forms of rain gear and thought, my shorts and t-shirt might be a little shy of what might be required.

The next 2 hours as our guide pointed out all of the different plants (which all looked the same to me) and found a few birds to look at, it did not warm up one bit and it certainly didn’t get any drier.  Of course I’m a Saskatchewan boy, so this is nothing, right?  Well reality is that I’m a little bit of a princess and I was cold.  By the end, my interest in the forest was waning and I just wanted to go home.  All in all, I survived and our guide was so awesome that it made me forget all about being soaked and cold.

Once we got back from our tour, I changed into dry clothes and we walked to a little cafe – Orchid Cafe – and had awesome crepes for lunch.  After lunch, Jordan went on a zipline tour, Michele went on an Orchid Garden tour and I crawled under a big blanket and shivered myself warm.  Michele and I did walk around the little town and bought some local coffee beans to bring home.

Tonight we went for dinner at a place our guide from this morning recommended – Bar Amigos – which was excellent and then walked back to the little cafe so I could have some pie.  Tomorrow we are heading south to Manuel Antonio, which if I know me, will start my endless complaining about how hot it is.  I’m a complicated man!

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