Finally, Hot and Wet

We left Monteverde with a cool light rain falling and 3 hours later had the air conditioning blasting and couldn’t wait to jump in the pool at our new hotel – Jungle Creek Villas near Quepos, pretty much right on the ocean.  These villas are owned and operated by a couple from Saskatchewan so I liked the place before we even got here.  There are only 4 or 5 villas and within 20 minutes of being here, we met pretty much everyone staying here.  Most everyone was from Alberta/Sask so we could all lament about how cold it’s been back home.

We spent a couple of hours hanging around the pool cooling off, watching a whole group of titi’s (squirrel monkey) moving through the trees, and quizzing our host, Paula, where the best places to eat are.  It was a perfect way to spend our first afternoon at our new place.

Tonight’s recommendation for dinner was Emilios Cafe, a noted seafood restaurant.  I am noted for my dislike of fish but I figured there would be something on the menu I would like so Michele and Jordan could indulge in their mutual love of fish.  Well, when we perused the menu, there was indeed a steak option but for some reason, I was intrigued by the Red Snapper special.  I think one of the reasons was the waiter said you could have it grilled or fried.  The fried option took me back to when I was younger and a memory of a fresh caught fish thrown into a frying pan on shore and cooked.  So in keeping with being the new me and trying different things I not only surprised myself but definitely Michele by ordering the fish. (She’s still looking at me in a bewildered state but that happens frequently so not sure if it’s related to supper).  I also figured if i didnt like it, they had a huge display case of cakes and pies that would soothe the dislike.  As it turned out, other than the fish being presented whole, head and all, it was exactly as I had hoped and I loved it.  

Now one fish will not make me a fish lover but it sure keeps Michele on her toes, not really knowing what I’ll change up next.  I’ve already said I want to go to an authentic Tico restaurant tomorrow!  Always keep em guessing!

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