Whitewater, Sunshine, and Koky’s…

This morning, Jordan and I were picked up at 8 am for our whitewater rafting tour.  The owner of the company was Tim, as we found out, a great guy originally from North Carolina but now a Tico.  With him were our 2 guides whose names escape me but were also great guys.  We drove about 25 minutes to the drop off point where we suited up and listened very intently to the safety instructions.  After my brush with death last year, there was no way I wasn’t taking this seriously.  We then walked down to the river and one guide got in a kayak and took off and the other got into the raft with the two of us and we were gone.  The rapids were just as advertised, a mix of Class 3/4, and it didn’t take long for us to be soaked from head to toe.  We did have one minor incident but it was not me this time. A rock surprised us and Jordan went over the side but the guide grabbed him before he got too far and had in back in the raft in seconds.  After that it was another hour or so rafting and having great conversation with our guides. At the pickup area we were again met by Tim, changed into dry clothes and they took us to a local restaurant for a great lunch.  We arrived back at our villa fully satisfied with our morning experience.

Once back, we found Michele lounging by the pool so we decided to mix a drink and join her.  She filled us in on what we missed this morning – a Toucan sitting in a tree munching on berries (the feature picture).  Our villa is located in amongst many trees and we have a sloth in one tree and daily appearances by monkeys which never gets old for me.  The rest of the afternoon was spent moving between my lounger and the cool refreshing water of the pool.

I had mentioned in yesterday’s blog that tonight we were going for an authentic meal experience.  This was at Koky’s Chicharrones.  In Costa Rica chicharrones are pork ribs and at Koky’s they are cooked over an open fire almost like smoked and we also had chicken along with the usual yuca and a beer.  There is no choosing what you get, and they bring it by the pound and there is no decorum, you just grab meay and start eating!

Now as far as authentic, Koky’s is located about 20 minutes out of town on a farm and if you didn’t know where you were going, you’d never find it.  There are no signs and you drive down a lane and the restaurant is in what looks like an open air barn.

Everyone that knows Koky’s raves about it and in fact our rafting buddies from this morning were casually talking about it as we drove by and we mentioned we were going there, so they made sure that we knew exactly where it was and described in detail what we were going to get.  They, and everybody else was exactly right in their praise and we left overflowing with chicken and chicharrones!

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