Mary, The Big Boy, and Burgers…

Today was our last full day in the Quepos area so we decided to hit the beach.  The beach we were going to is right near the entrance to Manuel Antonio Park so our host Paula gave us the rundown on what we were going to experience as far as parking and the super aggressive “parking helpers”.  She told us to totally ignore them and go to Mary’s Place where parking is free and we could rent chairs and umbrellas and anything else you need.  We got to Mary’s and found an opening along the road to park and from there, Mary and her staff took care of setting us up.  From there we sat back and enjoyed the heat and ocean.

That’s where the big boy part comes in.  In my recollection, when I was younger, I didn’t seem to be scared of as many things as I appear to be now.  The ocean, and more particular, the things in the ocean freak me out.  So I normally only go in up to my knees or if I put water shoes on so I can’t feel what might be on the bottom, I may go up to my chest bit not stay for very long.  Today, my first venture with bare feet I only went as far as my knees.  Then after sitting in the heat for awhile I gave myself a little pep talk and went back to the water.  I went up to my knees and then self talked my way past the breaking waves into neck deep water.  Yay!  As I was floating and riding the waves, I apologized to myself for some of the really rude, vulgar names I called myself but sometimes tough love is the best love, or something like that.  I went back to our chairs and excitedly asked Michele if she had seen how far I went out and she looked at me and said “you’re blocking my sun”!  Ok maybe not the reaction I was looking for but I don’t care.  I went into the ocean and lived to tell my story. 

Tonight we went for dinner at Barba Roja, where Tuesday from 4-6 pm it is 2 for 1 Burgers and 2 for 1 drinks.  And the view of the sunset from their deck is about as beautiful as anything I’ve seen.

The burgers were awesome and since they were 2 for 1 and there were only 3 of us we thought maybe the 4 burger would go to waste.  It didn’t!  Jordan and I polished it off and I still had room for some coconut bread pudding with ice cream.  From the pictures I’ve seen of myself on this trip and the seemingly tighter fitting clothes, I am thinking Costa Rica is making me look larger than I should!  Every meal we have had has been extraordinary.

Tomorrow we are heading farther south to spend one night in a hostel just to show Jordan that we are not as pampered as we appear and then it’s 3 nights at an eco-lodge.  I’m not really sure of our internet capability for the next 4 days but don’t worry, I’ll catch everybody up when I get a chance!

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