The Last Day – Relaxing, Tubing, Cheating Death

Maybe cheating death is a little dramatic, but I have a little bit of drama queen in me, so the title in my opinion is appropriate.  One of the activities at this resort is tubing down a river in an individual tube over some rapids.  Sounds like fun, right?  Well it was a ton of fun but as you will read, it was no tame ride.

As Michele  is not a fan of water, she didn’t want to do this activity, even though a group of young ladies assured us that “as long as you follow their instructions, it is very safe”.  Words that played over in my head more than once today.  I booked the adventure for myself and at 10:30 this morning, myself and 3 others were picked up by our guides and taken to the river.  Once there, we were outfitted with life jackets and helmets, which turned out to be a good idea. We were each given a tube and instructions on how to ride the tube over rapids, which turned out to be good advice, if only…Now I am normally very good at listening to instructions and successfully  following them.  In hindsight, today was not one of those normally days.

We all got into our tubes and started to float down the river to the first rapid.  This is where hell and the hand basket met.  I was second to reach the rapid and the first guy was hung up a little in the middle. Even though the river was wide, the rapids narrowed to the width of our tube so there was no room to go around and no stopping once you hit the rapid.  So as I shot in and bumped the first guy, the next thing I know I am upside down in the middle of this rapid, tumbling and smashing off rocks while my tube is heading down the river.  They said if you fall out, your life jacket will help you float.  The problem though with this is you have to be on top of the water and not flailing at the bottom.  After what seemed like a long time (probably 7 or 8 seconds actually) I finally surfaced and was able to pull myself over to a rock.  There was a split second, right in the middle of my tumbling that I was a little freaked out, but when one of the guides asked if I was ok, I said hell yeah, as it was kind of invigorating.  After the other guide tracked down my tube and got it back to me, I hopped in and we were off again. There were about 7 other rapids that we went through and darn it if I didn’t fall out 2 more times, neither one of them being nearly as violent as the first fall, but none the less, the other 3 people combined fell out 0 times.  That’s right.  Me 3 times, the rest, none!  Remember  the earlier instructions – lean back when going through the rapids!  Makes sense to me now!

So there ended up being a little damage.  My left arm and shoulder took a beating and I badly sprained my right wrist.

I am pretty sore this evening and am pretty sure tomorrow won’t be much better.  Thank god I have Michele here to do the heavy lifting as my right hand is useless right now.  Everything will heal in time, including my pride, but I will certainly remember the advice from those young ladies for a very long time!

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