Reflections at 37, 000 feet

Don’t worry, I’m not driving and posting.  I’m letting the cool guys who fly planes for a living do the driving, cause I still have momentary flashbacks to the last time I tried landing a plane “PULL UP, MORE, PULL UP”.  That guy should never have let me have the controls!

Ok, back to good reflections.  We are half way home from our 8 days in Costa Rica and I simply cannot find a thing to complain about (I know, everyone that knows me just did a slow eyeroll but I’m being serious).  This was almost a perfect trip and is how I want to roll when it comes to vacations.  We have done numerous all-inclusive vacations and even though I enjoyed every one of them, they will be a once in a blue moon thing from now on.  The reason – My wife plans the perfect vacation packages!

The last two years we have visited this country, last year 13 days, this year 8 days, and Michele has nailed it for the most part (last year there was that whole condo fiasco but she was a rookie then). This year she couldn’t have planned one thing differently to make the trip better. Well she could have researched the tubing a little better and warned me there were rocks involved.  But even that was fun (Yes typing this with one hand is really hard but she did her best).  The best part of her planning these trips, I just have to show up.  She does the research, she does the bookings, she does the organizing, and I play video games and then get to go on a great vacation!  No wonder I love this girl!

So as my ears are popping ands we descend into Toronto, all I can say is – I can’t wait till next year’s trip! Pura Vida Baby!

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