Heceta Head Lighthouse

One of our “must do’s” on our camping trip along the Oregon coast was to hike from our campground at Carl G. Washburne State Park to Heceta Head Lighthouse.  There was supposed to be a trail that lead right from the campground to the lighthouse but it was closed so we had to take a little longer route but it ended up being awesome because the first part of the hike was along the ocean.

The second part of the hike was through the forest and and had a slight incline to the peak and then it was a very sharp decline to get down to the lighthouse.

The lighthouse was pretty cool.  They had volunteer guides that took groups into the bottom of the lighthouse and gave a full history of the lighthouse and the area around.  It was really interesting but unfortunately, this particular lighthouse didn’t allow visitors to climb the stairs and see the lens. 

The worst part of the hike was that the sharp decline that took us to the lighthouse now became a huge incline to get back home.  It was not a long incline but it was straight up and damn near killed me but my wondering about the location of some benches on the way down, made perfect sense on the way up.  In total the hike was 7.3 miles which was longer than I first expected but in all honesty, was totally worth it!

Click here to see more pictures.

Heceta Head Lighthouse Pictures

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