I’m A Smoker Again! But It’s Not a Bad Thing!

Yes, almost exactly 8 years after I gave up the cigarettes, I am back to smoking…this time though it’s ribs, chicken, brisquet, etc so it’s all good.

In the past, I have never really had the urge to become one of the smoker people even though I very much love to eat, especially bbq.  But when I listened to people’s tales of smoking different meats, it always seemed like a lot of work and effort.  And if there is one thing I know about myself, a lot of work and effort just isn’t for me.  Until I stumbled across an add in mid-December for the Pit Barrel Cooker!  It was a simple design that was basically a 30 gal drum and the main difference that set it apart from other smoker/cookers was that you hang most of the meat you are cooking as opposed to setting it on a grate.  The more I researched it, the more intrigued I became.  The more intrigued I became, the more I wanted it.20160123_092634

So once I was on the verge of pulling the trigger on purchasing a Pit Barrel Cooker, I decided to send an information request through there website to get an idea of how much it would cost to ship a unit to me.  See, the cost of the cooker is only $299 US (which is like a million dollars Canadian, but I digress) so I needed to know all of the info before I could make a 100% informed decision.  I received the reply on how much shipping was, but it wasn’t the cost of the shipping that sealed my purchase, it was the customer experience that I received that sealed it.  I had sent the information request late on a Sunday afternoon and I received the reply to my e-mail that night from the VP of the company.  Now this is a company that puts the CEO’s cell phone number on each cooker so it shouldn’t surprise me that his wife replied to my e-mail so quickly.  But it was because of that service (there were a few e-mails back and forth and the response was always quick, no matter what time of day it was) that made my decision that I wanted a Pit Barrel Cooker!  I love great customer service experiences!

Well, now I have purchased a Pit Barrel Cooker (which only took 5 business days to arrive-again, great customer experience) and I have become a smoking machine.  The companies website has a whole host of video recipes so the first weekend I had it, I followed their recipe and cooked some baby back ribs!  Not only did they look incredible (home page) but they tasted awesome.  Then last weekend I cooked 2 whole chickens which once again looked and tasted awesome. 20160131_173522This weekend is the Super Bowl and I haven’t decided exactly what I’m going to do but it will be something done in my new cooker.  And the best part is, the more I use it, the better I’m going to get at this whole smoking thing and what tastes awesome now, will taste out of this world in time.

So sometimes becoming a smoker isn’t a bad thing!

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