A Man and His Dog – A Camping Tale Part 2

Day 2 we awoke (someone with 4 legs woke up much earlier than the 2 legged one) to a calm but cloudy morning.  The rain had stopped so we headed out for a quick little walk around the campground and came back to the trailer to make coffee and have breakfast.  I had a bagel while Tucker had kibble, but this was the first time in a super long time that he didn’t clean his bowl.  He seems to be a little uptight still but loves being outside here so he’ll return to normal eating when he feels like it.

After we were done eating, I packed up my backpack with water, collapsible bowl, treats, and toys and we headed off down one of the trails.  There are quite a few different trails that intersect with one another with one long trail that circles the lake and is about 10 km in length.  We did not tackle that trail today as it was still very cool and partly cloudy.  Tuesday and Wednesday are supposed to be a little warmer and sunnier so we will give that trail a spin one of those days.  Today we did a combination of 3 different trails that ended up being about 4 km.  As no one was around, I let Tucker go off-leash and he had a huge smile on his face the whole time.  He is very, very good with not getting too far ahead and listens very well when I call him back.  I love watching him trot 30-40 yards ahead of me then stop and look back and wait for me to catch up and then take off again.  The best part is when he gets super playful and he’ll trot out 40 yards and then turn around and come running right at me full speed, then nudge me, turn around and take off at full speed.  When he’s like this, he’ll do that 4 or 5 times in a row and then return to exploring and prancing.  He’s a beautiful dog to have out on a walk.  And he is super protective too.  There wasn’t a single squirrel that even came close to ambushing me as he chased everyone of them back up there trees and gave them a good talking to!

After we got back to the trailer, I sat down and did a couple hours of work work, as even though I’m on holidays, I still have a few things that need to get done.  Tucker laid down in front of the fireplace (which I thought would be too warm for him) and slept.  I doubt that he slept very well last night and was so stressed out for most of yesterday that he has to be tired.  After I got done what I wanted to get done, I showered and we headed into Rocky Mountain House to fuel up the truck.  As I have only been to Rocky once before and didn’t really stop, I took a drive around town to check it out.  It is a nice little town.  Tucker was super agitated again on the drive into town and while we were cruising around.  Usually at home when we are just cruising around town, he is just chilling in the back seat but not here.  So I stopped at Canadian Tire and let him out of the truck thinking that he forgot to go before we left, but that wasn’t the case this time.  So I put him back in the truck and went into Canadian Tire to look around for about 20 minutes.  When I came back out, he was relaxing in the back seat and he seemed much calmer on the drive back to the campground.  I guess this is all new to him.

This afternoon we relaxed for a bit, went out and played for a bit and generally did nothing. After a very good supper of bbq ham steaks and potatoe salad (Tucker had kibble, again) I discovered that the one thing I forgot to pack was dish soap.  This is not surprising as the dishes usually just get done and I’ve never packed dish soap before.  However, this time I actually need some so Tucker and I walked down to the little store and arrived right at 6 pm which coincidentally is the time they close on Monday and Tuesday.  The young girls working there were just leaving and came up and fawned over Tucker so I couldn’t really be mad at them for not staying open for me.  We turned around and hiked back home and jumped in the truck, but instead of going to another store to buy dish soap, we went to the day use park down by the lake.  Since there was no one else around, I let Tucker off his leash and pulled out a brand new frisbee, which he went crazy for.  We played with that for about 1/2 an hour until it started to rain on us.

The rest of the evening was spent hanging out and doing nothing.  I forgot to bring along some dvd’s and I don’t want to use up all of my data by streaming a show, so it did get a little boring.  But once again, we survived and we went to sleep in our different sections of the trailer.

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