Irish Whiskey, Stew, and Music…

…Our last day in London/first day in Ireland started early with a nice walk in the rain to a restaurant for breakfast. Now the one thing I have learned being in cheery old England, is everyone uses an umbrella and me being taller, my eyes line up perfectly with the sharp parts of said umbrellas, so I learned to do a lot of neck gymnastics!! After breakfast we caught an Uber to take us to the airport which was an hour and a half away. We had used Uber for the first time the other night and it was great. This ride not so great! The driver was very good, car nice, drive pleasant, but the bill at the end was about 60 pounds higher than the estimate, even after the surge pricing. Uber London and I will have a discussion when I get home. Maybe it’s just that I don’t understand how Uber works but I could have had a private chauffeur service in a Mercedes S class for 40 pounds less than this Uber VW Passat. Jeffy’s upset!!!

The flight over to Cork, Ireland was uneventful as well as the picking up of our rental car, a nice Mitsubishi SUV. Driving for the first time backwards is definitely a challenge. On top of it, we have a standard, which I wanted, and the shifting H pattern is backwards in my eyes. I did however get us to the hotel with only one wrong turn and I stayed on the right (wrong??) side of the road.

For dinner we asked John, our doorman (yes, that is how we travel now – doormen!) for a recommendation for a good Irish Pub. He told us about The Old Town Whiskey Bar, which he said had the best Irish Stew anywhere. It was also the largest Whiskey bar in Ireland with about 8 pages of whiskeys, Irish and other, listed on their menu. John was spot on with his take on the Irish Stew and I had one of the bartenders help me pick out a whiskey from their list.

I don’t like whiskey but when in the largest whiskey bar in Ireland, well… I will have to defer to the bartender that it was a good whiskey. I will have to update John though and have him add Best Sticky Pudding to his recommendation!!

We were stuffed when we left the pub but realized that one of Trip Advisors best traditional pubs was on the walk back to our hotel, so we are only in Cork one night we had to go. It is called Sin e (pronounced shinay) and it is a very small pub that is authentic Ireland. I ordered my very first pint of Guiness ever,

and shortly after we sat down, the live traditional or trad music started.

It was a great authentic Irish pub that we are so glad we stopped at, but adding a Guiness onto the stew, pudding, and whiskey doesn’t help me fit into my jeans, even the new stretchy ones!!!

As today was a travel day, I only got about 10,000 steps in. Michele got 15,000 because she went shopping at the airport for awhile. Tomorrow we go kiss the Blarney Stone and then head to Killarney for 3 nights!

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