A Man and His Dog – A Camping Tale Finale

On our last full day here, we were once again up early but were greeted with grey cloudy skies and a bit of a breeze.  The original forecast was for sunshine and warm so we skipped our early morning walk and made coffee and toast for breakfast.  Tucker decided to have kibble this morning!  We were lucky again this morning to talk with Michele and Jordan as they were winding down their day.  They are having an outstanding time and are staying in a luxury hotel that costs $76/night.  I’m paying $33/night and I have to bring my own bed. Crazy!  We are missing the heck out of them but we are now down to 1 week until they get home.

After we finished breakfast and relaxed we went for our mid morning walk around the campground loops and some of the other trails.  At one point we were sauntering along, Tucker a little ways in front chasing something in the bush when Ranger Rick happened upon us and politely reminded me of the “dogs must be on a leash” rule within the park.  So I told Tucker to “sic him” and he went nuts on the guy.  NO I DIDN’T!!  Tucker thinks “sic him” means come and get petted because that’s all he ever does when I tell him that.  Anyway, we continued on our little leashed journey and ended back at the trailer after an hour or so.

The rest of the morning and afternoon sucked as I worked the whole time as there were a couple of issues that needed taking care of.  I took my computer outside for awhile as it was getting a bit warmer and Tucker could continue to hang outside, unleashed!  20160531_125132

Finally I finished doing what I had to and made some supper – I had smokies and not surprisingly, Tucker had kibble.  Then I did up the dishes (yes Michele, you are reading that correctly, but I did cut myself on a knife so I can’t see this new found skill lasting long), packed away the bbq and Tucker and I headed down to the park hoping that there was no one around so we could play a little.  Lucky for us the park was pretty much deserted so we got the frisbee out and had a great time.  Tucker always goes so hard yet he won’t ever stop.  If you’re willing to throw it, he’s will to go all out and get it.

After about 20 minutes, Tucker was looking a little thirsty and as I forgot to bring his water bowl, we found a new skill that he has – drinking from a water tap.  We found a tap on the edge of the park and I turned it on and he drank like there was no tomorrow (at no time did any of his dog tongue or mouth come anywhere close to the actual tap, so nothing was contaminated.  He drank strictly from the stream of water pouring out!).  Then we took a walk over to the beach area and then over to the boat dock and sat and looked out over the lake for a bit.  On the way back to the truck we stopped and threw the frisbee for another 10 minutes of so, stopped at the water tap one last time, and headed back to the trailer, where I packed up the bbq and chairs and relaxed the rest of the evening.

Tomorrow morning we’ll pack up the rest of our stuff and head back to Camrose.  I have to admit that I was a little nervous bringing Tucker out for his first camping trip since he’s been with us, because I didn’t know if he would like it or not.  And it would have been a miserable 5 days if he sat here and whined the whole time.  But, as it turned out, he loved it.  He likes hanging out in the trailer, absolutely loves being outside, chasing everything, going for walks and he has been a very good dog the whole time.  He still goes bonkers every now and then (especially anyone on a bike – pedal or motor.  He does not like those people and goes insane) and drives me crazy cause he has to be beside me almost all the time, but I loved the time here with him and look forward to more trips!



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