Returning to Paradise!!

Last January, I wrote about our adventure in finding our paradise in Costa Rica.  One year later we are sitting in the lobby of the Hotel Luna Azul, and nothing has changed.  And yes, that’s a good thing.

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has gone somewhere or done something, and thought it was awesome only to return and be slightly dissapointed because it wasnt quite what you remembered.  The thought had crossed my mind once or twice since we booked our return to Paradise so i was overjoyed when we arrived at our hotel. The same owners greeted us with the same enthusiasm that they showed last year, they made sure that we were comfortable and looked after while we waited for our room to be prepared, (That’s what happens when you take a red eye to Costa Rica that lands at 7 am), and overall, just made us feel like we had never left.

The privacy and beauty of the hotel makes for a very relaxing vacation and the willingness of Rolf and Andreas to basically be virtual tour guides and give us directions and tips on what to see and do and what not to see and do, makes this our favorite destination.

One of the amazing events that happen very close to Luna Azul every year is the sea turtle nesting.  Playa Ostional is mere kilometers from the hotel and around a new moon, sometimes up to 20, 000 turtles invade the beaches at night and lay their eggs.  We thought we would miss this event but Rolf told us today that they are expecting the turtles any day now.  This would truly be an awesome event to see so we have our fingers crossed it happens before Tuesday!

So yes, we are back at Paradise for the next 5 nights and then will move onto another spot for a few nights.  In the meantime all I can say is I’m glad that sometimes things never change!

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