Punta Islita, Beaches and Doreen!

Day 3 of our trip is coming to a close and we are sitting on the deck just before sunset enjoying the quiet!

Yesterday we spent pretty much the whole day lounging by the pool and most of the evening, in what now has become a vacation tradition, me listening to Michele tell me that if I would have listened to her and put sunscreen on, I wouldn’t be whining like a little baby about being sunburnt!  But my philosophy is no pain, no tan! (Yes I know all about the bad sun/skin scenarios)

As mentioned, we didn’t move much yesterday so today we had planned to drive to Punta Islita for lunch with the idea that we would check out the various beaches along the way.  The first beach we stopped at – Playa Guinones- is a very popular surfer beach.  There was probably close to 40 surfers in the water and some of the waves looked pretty gnarly, so we walked along the water for a bit and watched.

The rest of the drive to Punta Islita was very much the same, stop at a beach, drive, repeat.  There was one special part of the drive though. Just outside of Samara, there is a section of road that crosses about a 20 foot section of water.  Last year it was that section that stopped us in our little rental car and started our Finding Paradise adventure. This year with a full size SUV, we plowed right through the middle of it and awkwardly high fived each other like we had just conquered Everest!

We arrived in Punta Islita and had lunch right on the beach at the restaurant recommended to us and started our journey back home.  Just outside of Punta Islita, we came across a truck right smack in the middle of the road with its door open.  Now that isn’t really all that unusual for Costa Rica because people just stop and park wherever.  The unusual part was a young blonde woman flagging us down.  You guessed it – Doreen!  She was a Dutch girl backpacking through Costa Rica and needed a ride to Samara, which we were headed to.  So I asked Michele what she thought and she said that as long as she didn’t have a gun in her bag, it would be okay.  I didn’t ask Doreen about the gun, instead I helped her load her backpack in the car and told her to hop in.

Doreen was a very nice young lady who was travelling alone meeting up with friends at different stops, much like our Jordan has done so we were very happy that we stopped and helped her out and got her safely to her destination. I’m not sure that I would be brave enough to travel alone in alone strange country and hitchhike.  Good on her and if your reading this Doreen, we hope you had a great rest of your trip and figure out your career when you get home.

After dropping Doreen off in Samara, we continued onto Nosara to stop at a supermarket to buy our favorite coffee to bring home and arrived back at our hotel with enough time to have a relaxing swim in the pool and get ready for dinner.  Surfing, beaches, coffee, and Doreen!  Another day in Paradise!

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