A Walk on the Beach- Me, Michele, and a Herd of Cattle!

I have been known to take certain liberties when I write my little blogs to spice them up a bit, but sometimes things happen that you really can’t make up.  Take this morning…

Ostional Beach is only a kilometer from the hotel but with its blackish sand, by mid to late morning it is so hot that it is very hard to walk on.  So we decide that we would go for a nice long walk on the beach before breakfast.  It was a beautiful morning out but already 25 degrees by 8 am.  We walked up to an outcropping of rocks to the north of us and explored those for and bit and then walked for quite a distance south, right along the water line.  It was so peaceful and hardly anyone else around as we would stop and take pictures and let the waves wash over our feet.

Then, we decide that we should turn around and head back towards the car.  As we make our turn, coming right towards us in a light jog, was a herd of cattle.   About 20 of them.  We moved to our right, they moved to their left, we moved to our left, they moved to their right.  So in other words, they coming directly for us.  Now I have been around Canadian cows before (although never on a beach) and not knowing spanish, I wasn’t sure if they would understand “git” even if I did say it with an accent, so I did what any cowboy would do in that situation. I led them into the water and they all drowned.  NO I DIDN’T!  But Michele and I did move into the surf a little bit and they stopped their slow charge towards us as they felt the water. Then they turned and continued their journey down the beach.

Of all of the things we would expect to find or hope to find on an early morning walk, on a beach in Costa Rica, a small herd of cattle was not even close to being on the list.  But, we have learned to not be surprised by anything down here!

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